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Unemployed Man Is the Unofficial Superhero of Occupy Wall Street

The Slotbot 3000, a 16-foot-tall robotic representation of the New York Stock Exchange, squares off against Unemployed Man in a "Superheroes versus Economic Supervillains" event Monday in New York’s Zucotti Park.

Unemployed Man and his costumed colleagues stormed Wall Street on Monday morning, bringing some superhero street theater — and a 16-foot evil robot known as the Slot Bot — to the Occupy protests in New York.

The Superheroes versus Economic Supervillains smackdown was staged by Gan Golan, 37, co-author of 2010 graphic novel The Adventures of Unemployed Man. Occupy Wall Street is a perfect stage for the book’s characters, a team of superheroes battling economic injustice.

“People at Occupy are fighting incredible forces in our society — that’s a perfect description of what you find in a superhero,” Golan told

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Unemployed Man #1 in the UK

Unemployed Man & Plan B

Thanks to this great interview by Rachel Cooke in The Guardian, The Adventures of Unemployed Man is now the #1 graphic novel in the UK. It’s also the Graphic Novel of The Month!

How Comic Book Hero ‘Unemployed Man’ Can Save The World

Here’s a great piece from Death and Taxes Magazine about The Adventures of Unemployed Man with a nice interview with Gan and Erich.

Unemployed Man reviewed by Tony Isabella

"Torn from the headlines, The Adventures of Unemployed Man by Erich Origen and Gan Golan [Little, Brown; $14.99] delves into our ongoing economic crisis using super-hero imagery and storytelling from the Silver Age of Comics. It’s the story of Ultimatum, Dark Knight of Self-Help, who comes to the realization that the forces of corporate greed are oppressing the poor and middle class, that he himself is more villain than hero to the people. But, when he tries to effect change from within the system, he is given the boot and reduced to poverty and self-doubt. I know that sounds pretty grim, but the snarky satire of Origen and Golan’s script lightens the mood considerably.

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Graphic Novel Reporter: The Adventures of Unemployed Man

Seems like the reviews of Unemployed Man just keep getting better! 

Though a funny graphic novel, I see so many of my family and friends reflected in these characters and in the plots played out. Needless to say, Origen and Golan have one hell of a story on their hands, and it couldn’t have been told better by anyone else.

Newsarama: UNEMPLOYED MAN Proves Superheroes Aren't Recession-Proof

The authors of The Adventures of Unemployed Man were interviewed for this piece in Newsarama. Check it out!

Stumptown Trade Review: The Adventures of Unemployed Man

Here’s a nice review from Stumptown Trade.

ABA Bestseller: The Adventures of Unemployed Man!

The Adventures of Unemployed Man is now an American Booksellers Association bestseller!  

Woodstock Times: Ramona Fradon Still Draws the Heroes

Comics legend Ramona Fradon is one of the lead artists on The Adventures of Unemployed Man. Read this great piece about her work in The Woodstock Times.

West Virginia Gazette: Unemployed Man

Unemployed Man lands in West Virginia in this great Cool Comics piece…

Mother Jones: Attack on The Middle Class

The November, 2010 issue of Mother Jones featured extensive artwork from The Adventures of Unemployed Man, and this page online also features several sequential pages from the book.

USA Today: Unemployed Man Authors Get the Job Done

Here’s a great writeup in USA Today about The Adventures of Unemployed Man!

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Name That Villain

Brian Lehrer

Brian Lehrer invited listeners to call-in with suggestions for economic villains—and the phones ring off the hook!